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Making Water Quality Simple for You

Our Story

"Born a services company, we still have the passion to help customers understand and navigate water quality issues and regulations.  Whether it’s meeting compliance or simply providing piece of mind, we want to protect people from contaminated water within their homes, businesses, workplace, schools, and even RV’s.  Water quality testing, whether we provide it as a service or enable our clients to do it themselves, will always be a major part of who we are."

                              - Terry Stange, CEO

                                 Trusted Water

We Make Water Quality Simple for You by

  • Staying up to date with the latest technology advances and how they translate into more accurate, reliable and cost-effective water testing services and products.

  • Understanding current regulations around water quality and monitoring changes that might affect our clients.  Waterborne pathogens in healthcare facilities is an area of focus for regulations and recommendations from certifying bodies and regulatory agencies (e.g. Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

  • Working with each of our clients to understand their business model and providing customized solutions for their water quality needs.  “One-size fits all” does not work for us or our clients.  We are small enough to allow individualized attention to our clients, yet big enough to offer a breadth of products and solutions to meet the toughest water quality challenges. ​


  • On-site, real-time water quality testing

  • Legionella and bacteria field testing

  • Healthcare facility risk assessments for waterborne pathogens

  • Custom water management plans

  • Specialized water quality test kits

  • Home and well water testing

  • Disposable point-of-use filters

We Know Water

It’s not just the tagline on our logo, we really do know a lot about water and we keep learning and teaching every day.  Our President has over 13 years of water quality instrumentation and testing experience and he is always pushing us to learn more about water.  By attending conferences, tradeshows, workshops and continuing education we continuously strive to build our water knowledge.  We use many of the products we sell as part of our service business, so we are always applying first-hand knowledge and experience to improve our products. 


Through presentations and publications, we share our knowledge with stakeholders and hopefully, build awareness and credibility.  We know people who are concerned about polluted drinking water and businesses concerned about infection prevention.  We know people don’t want to spend their days wondering if their water is safe. 


We know water – so you don’t have to.



"Very friendly and professional. Would not hesitate to recommend them."

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