Point-of-Use Filters

Disposable point-of-use (POU) filters are micropore filters specifically designed for use in preventing the passage of Legionella bacteria, other specific microorganisms, and particle contaminants present in water.  POU filters should be considered as part of a water management plan or simply to add additional protection against spreading bacteria.


We recommend installing disposable POU filters for two types of situations;

1.   Short-term protection after a Legionella outbreak until the water system has been disinfected and follow-up testing confirms the absence of Legionella.

2.   Infrequently used water outlets, like showers, where water remains stagnant for long periods of time (several days to weeks). 

Applications for POU Filters

  • Home owners (spare bathrooms with showers)

  • Landlords for rental or VRBO properties

  • RV owners (during camping season and storage)

  • Healthcare (rarely used patient/staff showers)

  • Hotel/motel owners (during off-season or slow periods)​

How Often Should You Replace Point-Of-Use Filters

We are happy to discuss your specific application to determine the optimal replacement cycle for installed filters.

 We offer longer-life filters to reduce cost and installation frequency.  Filter-life is based on usage so for infrequently used water outlets, filters can last several months making them a cost-effective solution for protection against Legionella distribution.  Depending on the situation, some filters can be replaced “seasonally” or annually.  We are happy to discuss your specific application to determine the best time to replace filters.

How much do Point-Of-Use Filters Cost

 Our longer-life filters are a more cost-effective alternative and installation is quick and easy without the need for professional services.  Depending on your existing faucets and shower heads, adapters and connectors may be needed prior to the initial installation.  The longer-life filters start as low as $60 depending on lifetime and can also be purchased in bulk to receive discounts and lower your cost per filter.

Contact us to learn more about the right POU filter for your application and a custom quote.

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