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Legionella Water Management Plans

With a thorough, comprehensive risk assessment completed, developing a water management plan (WMP) is the next step toward CMS/CDC compliance.  For those provider types not required to meet the CMS directive you may choose to adopt certain WMP elements that make sense for your facility.

Developing a water management program to reduce legionella growth and spread in buildings

A good place to start in developing your Legionella water management plan is the CDC toolkit.  The CDC toolkit provides an excellent outline of the major elements of a water management plan.  One of the challenges is knowing what information to include in the WMP.  Another is how to align the Legionella Risk Assessment with the WMP.  It can be confusing and time consuming for people unfamiliar with the details of the regulation/recommendations and process.   This is where we can help! 

trusted water water management programs

Trusted Water follows the CDC's guidelines and provides a Legionella Water Management Plan that:

  • Leverages the observations and learnings from the risk assessment to create an evidence-based Water Management Plan. 

  • Demonstrates to surveyors the alignment between the risk assessment and Water Management Plan.

  • Acts as a "living document" with periodic reviews and updates to include recent test data and assess whether the plan is being utilized effectively.

How often should the Legionella Water Management Plan be reviewed?

It is recommended that the Legionella Management Plan be reviewed every 6 months or when new test data becomes available or an issue arises.  

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Legionella Water Management Plan

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