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Waterborne Infection Prevention

  • Waterborne Infections are increasing (e.g. Legionella)

    • 6,939 annual total deaths (2017) were documented for 13 diseases caused by pathogens that can be transmitted by water.  

    • 91% of these deaths were associated with 3 environmental pathogens that can grow in water system biofilms. - "Legionella, NTM, and Pseudomonas"

Graph of the Number of Legionella cases  from 2000 to 2014

3 Reasons to Implement a Waterborne

Infection Prevention Program

All healthcare providers should try to meet the industry standard and CDC recommendations for Legionella Management by implementing some form of waterborne infection prevention program.  These programs can include:

Facility Risk Assessments

Water Quality Testing

  • Legionella

  • Pseudomonas

Water Quality Monitoring

Remediation and protective filters

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