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  TapSnap   Handwashing Surveillance Monitor


The world’s first water outlet flushing surveillance monitor!

Verify water

outlet flushing and hand washing compliance with

a simple

visual management device.

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"Flushing makes a big impact on the levels of bacteria, including Legionella, in showers, taps, etc.  Anything that would help people spot low-use water outlets, and tell them when to flush would be useful."      

                                                 - Simon Dooner

                                                   Director, Legionella Control International     

The Product

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TapSnap    is a low-cost tool that verifies a water outlet has been flushed within guidelines and that all hand washing events are compliant to the 20 sec CDC recommendation.  It provides a visual reminder for hand washing compliance.  Within restaurants, TapSnap    monitors help reduce the risk of waterborne infection, transmission of bacteria and viruses through appropriate hand 

washing hygiene per the CDC.



Innovative Design Detects and Monitors Water Flow

The TapSnap monitor is a patent-pending design utilizing a unique vibration sensor combined with a timer and LED light.  It’s all packaged into a small enclosure that attaches directly to showers, eyewash stations, and faucets for easy installation, removal or repositioning.  The embedded sensor detects vibration caused by water flow through the outlet and starts a timer.  The battery-powered monitor acts as both a stagnation and flushing timer alerting users when to flush an outlet and for how long. Stagnation times can be set to 1-week or 1-month.

How It Works

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  • Select stagnation timer setting 

  • Install battery into PCBA

  • Insert PCBA into housing

  • Snap battery cover in place

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  • Choose location on outlet

  • Snap monitor onto outlet

  • Turn on water, full flow

  • Flush until LED turns Green

2019_04 tap snap on faucet 0043red.jpg
Flush to Reset
  • LED flashing Red? Time to flush

  • Turn on water, full flow

  • Flush until LED turns Green

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Easily snaps on standard round diameter water outlets (0.68" - 0.88")
Green "heartbeat" LED confirms
monitor is working
Highly visible green/red LED indicators
Works on low-flow or high-flow outlets
Small, compact design
Low-battery indicator. Easy to replace
"Smart" flushing timer - longer stagnation requires longer flushing
Selectable stagnation timer - 1 week or 1 month
Does not contact the water flow
Battery-operated, no power cords
Splash-proof and water resistant
Quick to install, remove, or relocate

"Since the monitors have been installed it has reminded staff to flush the lines when the sensor flashes red.......I would like to eventually see these sensors on all eye wash stations and showers."

                                                        - Aloyoise MacNaught  

                                                          Infection Prevention

                                                          Stephen's Memorial Hospital    

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TapSnap logo.png


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Use on high-risk faucets with spray aerators (e.g. OR scrub sinks) or attached eyewash stations.

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Perfect for rarely used staff or patient showers - either hand-held showers with hose loops or wall-mount showers.

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Eye Wash Stations

Fits on multiple styles - from stationary to swing-in-place or faucet-mounted versions.

  • When should I consider using a TapSnap monitor?
    Monitors are best deployed on water outlets known or suspected to be unused for more than 5 days. If usage is unknown, the monitors can be used to roughly determine outlet usage in weekly increments from 1 - 4 weeks.
  • How do I purchase larger quantities of TapSnap monitors?
    Contact customer support at or call 970-646-3351 to ask questions or place an order. There are discounts for higher volume orders.
  • What type of warranty do you offer?
    TapSnap monitors come with a 90-day warranty.
  • What type of battery does it use and how do I replace them?
    TapSnap monitors use a 1/2 cell AA battery. They are commercially available or you can order replacement batteries by contacting us at or call 970-646-3351. We have the best prices on batteries proven to work best with the monitors.
  • Are there any water outlet flow rate requirements?
    TapSnap sensitivity is optimized for low-flow outlets, but if the water flow rate is too low, the monitor may have difficulty sensing vibration. We recommend flushing outlets using the highest flow rate (i.e. full flow). In some cases the monitor may need to be repositioned to improve sensitivity.
  • I have a non-standard water outlet dimension. How do I get a TapSnap monitor that fits my water outlet?
    If the diameter of your water outlet is too small or too large for the standard TapSnap monitor we can provide a spacer or a larger battery cover/clip. We can also 3D print a limited quantity of attachments with different configurations. Contact us at for more information. Circular outlets should be 0.68" - 0.8" to fit the standard TapSnap monitor.
  • Where is the best place to install the monitor on an outlet?
    The best place to install a TapSnap monitor is towards the free or distal end of the water outlet or after a turn or bend in the outlet. The monitor can also be attached directly to shower hoses. In most cases, water flow through the outlet will be enough to trigger the monitor, regardless of the location. You may need to experiment to find the best sensor position.
  • How do I know when the water outlet has been flushed long enough?
    The red LED will turn off, replaced by a flashing green LED when the water outlet has been flushed long enough. Flushing times are variable when the monitor is set to a 1-week stagnation time and will vary from 30 - 120 seconds depending on how long the outlet has been stagnant. When the monitor is set to a 1 month stagnation time, flushing for 2 minutes is required to reset the monitor to green.
  • What happens if the TapSnap monitor gets wet?
    TapSnap monitors are splash-proof and water resistant. They will definitely get wet, but don't worry! They are designed for wet environments. They work great on faucets, eye-wash stations and even in warm, humid showers.
  • Who do I contact if I still have questions about TapSnap monitors?
    Contact Customer Support at or call 970-646-3351 to ask questions or place orders.
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