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Water Quality Testing Kits

Water Quality Test Kit Applications

  • Healthcare facilities to meet CMS-mandated water management plans

  • Commercial or industrial facilities to meet compliance

  • Hospitality organizations to test pools/spas and other water features

In many applications, continuous or periodic monitoring of water quality parameters is an important part of water management. Here are some applications where these water quality test kits are often utilized: 

water quality test kit for healthcare facilities home inspectors commercial facilities industrial facilities and hospitality organizations

Available Water Quality Parameters

A wide range of water quality parameters are available in our test kits depending on your application.  The table above provides a list of the most commonly used parameters, but other parameters are available.  Contact us if you have an application that needs to test for a parameter not listed.

Benefits of using Water Quality Test Kits for On-Site Testing 

 When continuous or periodic monitoring of water quality parameters is important, it can be impractical and expensive to regularly send samples out for analysis or contract a 3rd party for testing.  The more frequently you test your water, the more it makes sense to do it yourself with an on-site test kit.  There are many benefits of on-site “DIY” water quality testing;

  • Immediate feedback with real-time results allows faster reaction to problems

  • Data stays “in-house” reducing concerns over confidentiality and privacy

  • Allows troubleshooting or retesting of questionable measurements

  • Lower cost per test allows more data to be gathered when budgets are tight

  • Staff becomes more knowledgeable about water quality when they do testing

Trusted Water specializes in assembling water quality testing kits using commercially available analyzers and instruments.  This allows us to create standard or customized kits designed for specific client applications with the most accurate, easy-to-use, and cost-effective components.  Using our water quality testing expertise, we continually evaluate new products, selecting only those that meet our strict criteria for performance, reliability, and cost.  Enclosed in a rugged hard-side case, kits contain hand-held and/or portable analyzers with the necessary consumables and reagents included.

 Water Quality Test Kit Cost 

Standard test kits start at $399 for basic water quality testing with cost per test ranging from $1 - $10 (excluding Legionella testing)

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