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Legionella Testing Kits
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Customized Water 
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Why Choose Us:

We are passionate about preventing waterborne pathogens

  • Staying up to date with the latest technology advances and how they translate into more accurate, reliable and cost-effective water testing services and products.

  • Understanding current regulations around water quality and monitoring changes that might affect our clients.  Waterborne pathogens in healthcare facilities is an area of focus for regulations and recommendations from certifying bodies and regulatory agencies (e.g. Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

  • Working with each of our clients to understand their business model and providing customized solutions for their water quality needs.  “One-size fits all” does not work for us or our clients.  We are small enough to allow individualized attention to our clients, yet big enough to offer a breadth of products and solutions to meet the toughest water quality challenges. ​

Email: customersupport@trustedwater.com
Tel:  (970) 646-3351

Based in: Fort Collins, CO

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