Legionella Test Kit Applications

Legionella grows best in stagnant water and warm environments.  Prime locations for Legionella growth are:

  • Infrequently used water outlets

  • Pools and spas

  • Cooling towers

  • Decorative fountains


To quickly and accurately determine if Legionella is present, without the hassle, time and cost of sending samples to a lab,  you can use a simple pre-assembled Legionella test kit. These kits are used for swab testing surfaces or collecting bulk water samples  and are available for a range of applications including:

Legionella Test Kits for on-site Legionella testing
  • Homes, rental properties, or VRBO

  • Healthcare facility risk assessments

  • Recreational vehicle showers and faucets

  • Hotel pools, spas, and showers

  • Facility cooling towers

Benefits of Legionella Test Kits for On-Site Testing 

You get many benefits from using these Field Kits for testing Legionella which include:

  • Real-time results in 25 min

  • Confidentiality - results stay in-house

  • Affordable - more economical than $150+ per sample lab testing

  • Single or Multi-test options - choose the kit that meets your sampling needs

  • Accuracy - can be more accurate than culture-based methods

  • Ease-of-Use - simple preparation and easy-to-read results


Cost of Legionella Test Kits 

The cost per test using these kits is much more affordable than outside lab tests.  Prices will vary depending on the kit configuration and start at $55 per test.

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Legionella Testing Kits